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Sewing Workshop

Place de Bleu collaborates with a number of designers, artists and companies regarding development of designs, art projects, interior decorating and much more. We also complete sewing assingments for private customers, such as seat cushions with custom meassurements or cushions in selected Kvadrat textiles.

Please get in touch if your are interested in a collaboration, have a sewing assignment or would just like to hear more about what we offer as a workshop – and we can discuss the possibilities.


Through the years Place de Bleu has collaborated with Chole, Budtz+Bendix, Daisy Copenhagen, artist Erik A. Frandsen, artist Iben Dalgaard, Mads Nørgaard, Manufaktum, designer Mette Nielsen, Randum Luxury, Sabine Poupinel, Yvonne Koné, and many more.

Place de Bleu has also completed or been part of interior decorating assignments for Arkitekturværkstedet, Indvandrer Kvindecentret, Mødrehjælpen, Sundhedshus Nørrebro as well as set design for the Heinrich Award.

You can learn more about a selection of our collaborations below.


Please note

A startup fee will be applicable for smaller orders, regarding the development of design, patterns, meetings etc.



Place de Bleu has collaborated with IKEA on numerous occations – here with the limited collection ÅTERSTÄLLA.

The collaboration is part of the “Local to Local” campaign, where IKEA, since 2012, has teamed up with social entrepreneurs worldwide, focusing on helping socially vulnerable and creating lasting changes in their local communities.

The collection consists of cushions, aprons, bread baskets and tote bags – all made from surplus IKEA material.



Mødrehjælpen (Maternity Care)

For the Maternity Care's new domicile, Place de Bleu has sewn 48 cushions in coloured textiles from Kvadrat.

The cushions, located in the window niches against the common yard, were made in collaboration with Ladegaard Architects, who has been responsible for the beautiful décor.




Chola produce fairtrade textiles, knitwear and home accesories, with a high level of aesthetics and quality.

Place de Bleu has an ongoing collaboration with Chola, sewing cushions and other accessories with hand-woven woolblankets from the Bolivian highlands.



Rosa Tolnov Clausen 

Place de Bleu has sewn cushions from textiles, designed by Rosa Tolnov Clausen and woven by blind and visually impaired from Blinds’ Work. The cushions were selected to participate in the Danish Crafts Collection cc18.



Mads Nørgaard 

In collaboration with the Danish fashion brand, Mads Nørgaard, Place de Bleu has sewn a series of quilts. The quilts are all unique, handcrafted with surplus material from the production of Nørgaard’s iconic, striped 101 t-shirt, originally designed in 1967 by Jørgen Nørgaard.



Budtz + Bendix

The architects Charlotte Budtz and Camilla Bendix succeed a range of exciting furniture designs and architecture projects. One of their many successful designs is the collapsible highchair TOWERchair. For this chair Place de Bleu designed a seat cushion, which we produced through a number of years.



Iben Dalgaard

For artist Iben Dalgaard’s solo exhibition Picture this, at Skovhuset in Værløse, Place de Bleu made 16 gorgeous Morrocan poufs. Place de Bleu also contributed with eight embroidered table cloths, made of the finest Georg Jensen damask. The beautiful table cloths remain part of Skovhuset’s café, where they are permanently on the tables protected by glass.



Assignments for private customers

Place de Bleu also completes sewing assignments for private customers. In the photo, a bench cushion, sewn to measure and choice of square textile, is shown to a bench in a Odsherred cottage (together with two Berber pillows).


Assignments could be...

  • Seat cushions for chairs, benches, daybed and similar, by custom measurement.
  • Cushions made to order
  • Fabric-coated buttons in your choice of textile and size 

Please get in touch if your are interested in a collaboration, have a sewing assignment or would just like to hear more about what we offer as a workshop – and we can discuss the possibilities.